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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • What are the common screen resolution sizes?
  •  How can I tell what size screen resolution is on my monitor?
Each system has it’s own way of accessing your Display options. Find your system below for instructions on how to access your Display options.
Windows Vista Users: Right-click on your desktop and select “Personalize”. Then click the “Display Settings” icon. This will bring you to your main display options, which will show you what resolution your monitor is currently set to. You may also change your monitor’s resolution from here if required. 
Windows XP Users: Right-click on your desktop and select “Properties”. This will open your main display options in a new window. In this new window, click the “Settings” tab, which will show you what resolution your monitor is currently set to. You may also change your monitor’s resolution here if required. 
Mac OSX Users: Click on the apple logo in the top left of the screen. Select “System Preferences…” from the menu. Then click “Displays”, under Hardware. This shows you the current resolution your monitor is set to and also allows you to change it if required.

  • How do I download my an image for my computer wallpaper?
Windows Users: Click on the image of your choice. A new window will open an follow the steps.
  • Do I have to register to download the images?
No, all images are free, I only ask that if you use any of my images online you provide a courtesy link back to my site. For more about linking to my site see my Links page.
  • How often do you add new pictures?
I usually upload new images every week. Some Times Every day. ^_^
  • What size are the images?
The majority of the images are 2560 x 1920, with some variations, and a few smaller images 1280 x 800.
  • What is the difference between the “Photography” images and the “Wallpaper” images?
The only difference is the classification. Any of the images can be used for wallpapers, or saved to your computer if you want to create your own slide show.
  • When I set my wallpaper what does the “stretch” option do?
“Stretch” will adjust the image you are downloading to your monitors correct resolution settings.
  • Can I use a smaller image than my screen resolution?
You can, but you will need to switch the option from “stretch” to “center”.  This option will center the image on your desktop, and you can select what color you want for the area around the image.
  • Why does the image look so pixilated on my desktop?
That could be caused by two different problems. When the image was downloaded it was taken from the thumbnail image instead of the full size image, which means you have a small version of the image. If your setting is on stretch, it will increase the image to your resolution size, causing it to look pixilated.  You can fix this by either downloading again making sure you are using the full size, or change your setting to “center”.
If you have any questions that are not answered here, or are having problems, feel free to email me at I will gladly help find a solution if you are having a problem. Please put “site help” in the subject line so I don’t accidentally delete it thinking it is spam.

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