Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New HD Wallpapers : Metropolitant

New HD Wallpapers
Name : Metropolitan
size :1920x1210
recomended : windows 7
Descriptions : A metropolitan area usually combines an agglomeration (continued residential area) with a circle of urban zones, but close to the central office or trade. These zones are also known as a cycle commuter, and can extend well beyond the circle of urban depending on the definition used. Usually a region that is not part of the city but is connected with the city. For example, Pasadena, California metro areas included in Los Angeles, California. Not same city, but stay connected.

The city core in polycentric metropolitan areas are not connected with the construction of further settlements, distinguishing the concept of conurbations, which have an advanced urban. In metropolitan areas, it is definitely the central city together makes a large population nucleus with the other constituents that have a high degree of integration.

In fact the border metropolitan areas, in the sense of official and unofficial, is uncertain. Sometimes they are little different from urban areas, and in some cases they cover broad areas that have little relation to the traditional concept of the city as a single urban settlement. So all of the metropolitan area should be regarded as an interpretation rather than solid facts. The population of the metro area provided by various sources for the same place may vary up to several million, and there is a desire for people to enter the highest number possible for the "city" them. But the number of the highest metropolitan area population is usually better viewed as population "metropolitan area" than the population of "city".

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